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Avoiding Mistakes in Your Workers Comp Claim

#1 - Missing Deadlines

Like all legal claims, workers compensation claims are governed by a statute of limitations or a time limit to file your claim. Workers Comp claims are also subject to notice rules, that require injured workers to notify their employers of injuries. If you fail to properly provide notice to your employer, you may lose your rights under workers compensation laws. Adjusters and insurance company attorneys do not have to protect your rights under the laws.

#2 - Improperly Completing the Necessary Forms

When you file a workers compensation claim, there are many mistakes that may be made, including the wrong injury date, not including every potential body part injured, the description and cause of the accident, the type of claim being made and other information. Improperly completing this form may lead to delays or even denial of benefits under the workers compensation laws.

#3 - Trusting the Insurance Company

While there are many insurance adjusters and claim representatives that are in fact nice people, you should remember that they are employed by the insurance company. These companies do not exist to pay you as much money as possible for your injuries. It is your workers compensation lawyer's job to obtain the best outcome for your case.

When insurance companies pay less money in claims, they make more money. If insurance companies can pay you 50% of your claim's value, they are succeeding in telling you not to hire a lawyer. If an adjuster can convince you to make a recorded statement where you respond that your injuries are doing a lot better, the insurance company will use this information to reduce the amount of money that it owes under the law.

#4 - Believing that Pre-existing Conditions Are Not Covered

When you are dealing with the insurance company on your own, you may experience an insurance company that tries to get you to admit that your injury was actually a pre-existing condition that will not be covered under workers compensation. These are the types of injuries that an experienced workers compensation attorney who understands the law can help you. While pre-existing conditions can affect the value of the claim, if you are injured by an accidnet at work, you should be entitled to benefits under the law.

#5 - Not Recognizing Additional Claims

When you are injured at work and the cause of the injuries are from the acts or omissions of another party, you may have an additional claim that results in more compensation for your injuries.

Some of these claims are car accidents, slip and falls, co-employee cases and product liability cases. Again, the rules and circumstances surrounding these cases require the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

The value to third party (Additional Claims) is that it may soothe the nerves of an employer that is facing a workers compensation claim. While you should still pursue workers compensation claims to protect you and your family, a successful third party claim will reduce the liability of your employer because under the law it is entitled to a percentage of the money back it paid to you under workers compensation. If you are concerned with the impact of filing a workers compensation case, you should permit us to investigate your claim and search for a potential third party case.