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Bedsore Lawsuits: Missouri and Illinois

One of the more common injuries resulting from improper long term or nursing home care is bedsores. These sores are also referred to as pressures sores/ ulcers or decubitus ulcers. While bedsores can result with proper medical and nursing care, these injuries are preventable with the proper precautions.

When a person's skin is exposed to extended periods of constant pressure, such as failing to rotate or reposition an immobile patient, ulcers develop on the skin, often on the heal or lower back (coccyx). Other causes of these injuries include malnutrition, dehydration and incontinence.

Nursing home or long term care negligence that causes these bedsores to develop results from inadequate staffing or procedures. State and federal law mandate the proper care of individuals under the care and treatment of these facilities, including the repositioning patients at minimum time periods.

When these sores or ulcers develop, residents develop on-going medical issues that require additional care and may cause permanent complications.

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