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Blood Clots - Thrombus

Blood clots - Thrombus

We all know that the heart constantly pumps blood around our body through the arteries. The blood returns to the heart through our veins. While blood clots are an essential reaction for the body to repair injured vessels, in some cases these clots have substantial health impact.

Some basic biology: Blood is made up of (1) red blood cells containing hemoglobin that brings oxygen to cells and removes hazerdous carbon monoxide; (2) white blood cells used to combat infections, (3) platelets used to form clots, and (4) blood plasma.

When a blood vessel is damaged, the phatelets respond until a protein structure referred to as a fibrin may be created for a long term repair of the area. If the clots remain in place, the body is functioning as intended. If the clots break lose or form without purpose, a person may be in extreme danger.

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