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Breach of Contract Cases

Like a handshake of years past, the agreement between two parties to provide a service or product in exchange for consideration/ compensation is a fundamental element of the business world. Unfortunately for many new or small businesses, when the larger or better financed company breaches the contract, the victim of the breach is forced to suffer the loss due to market power. In many cases, the small business cannot afford the attorney fees to pursue the claim and takes the loss.

Breach of contract attorney Mike Sudekum represents small businesses in the recovery of damages on a contingency fee or hybrid fee basis. Simply stated, Mr. Sudekum will litigate to recover your losses in exchange for a percentage of the recovery. The hybrid fee agreements are negotiated on a case by case basis depending on the type of loss suffered. These non-traditional business fee agreements allow the small business to put profit toward growing the business instead of spending the money on attorney fees.

If your business has sustained losses as a result of a breach of contract, please contact me to discuss your options.