Car Accidents

From an inconvenience to a life changing event, auto accidents may dramatically affect a family. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you can lose time from work, incur medical bills, pay numerous co-payments for doctor visits, sustain disabilities, such as whiplash and other back injuries.

Auto accidents result from the carelessness of other drivers. Operators of motor vehicles must exercise the what the law has termed the highest degree of care. With more drivers using cell phones, texting and reading emails while driving, the chances for dangerous collisions will increase.

A recent study (7/22/09) by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that “manual manipulation of phones such as dialing and texing of the cell phone lead to a substantial increase in the risk of being involved in a … crash …  Text messaging on a cell phone was associated with the highest risk of all cell phone related tasks.”
The study indicated that operators of heavy trucks were 23.2 times as distracted as drivers who were not texting.  This information supports recent laws that seek to curb cell phone use while driving, especially by teenagers and new drivers.

Car Accident attorney Michael Sudekum has helped individuals and families injured in auto accidents since he graduated from law school. In his practice, he has helped individuals with small claims resulting from visits to the chiropractor to the unfortunate incidents where a death has resulted from an accident. Auto accident attorney Michael Sudekum will assist you by filling your claim with the appropriate insurance company. He will make sure that all available insurance policies will be available to provide coverage for your injuries. If the insurance company does not respond with an adequate settlement offer, Michael Sudekum is prepared to file suit and demonstrate your losses to a jury.

If you or a loved one has experienced personal injuries as a result of auto accident, contact Car Accident attorney Michael Sudekum for a free case review.

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