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Commercial Contingency Fee Litigation

Contingency fees were once reserved strictly for personal injury actions. Businesses looking for trial lawyers not litigators began to seek counsel from attorneys that prepare their cases for trial.

One of the great advantages to contingency fee litigation is the targeted case specific approach that is utilized. Commercial Contingency Fee lawyer Michael Sudekum understands the needs of small businesses in maximizing their time. As a member of a small business, he understands that work needs to be done correctly and in the fastest time possible. On the contrary, one of the negative effects of hourly billing is the motivation to undertake projects that may not affect the ultimate issue. Commercial contingency fee attorney Michael Sudekum applies the same issue focused approach of injury litigation to commercial matters.

If you or your business has sustained losses due to a breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, trade secret theft or similar loss, contact Michael Sudekum for a discussion of your options.