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Defective Highway Claims

A Defective Highway May Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents

In most states, the highway department or similarly named state entity has the responsibility to maintain the roads in a safe condition. This sub-division of the state is generally responsible for conditions that it knows or should know exist on the roadways. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, the road itself and not other drivers are responsible for injuries that occur on the highways.

Mike Sudekum has represented families and individuals that have suffered losses as a result dangerous roads. Recently, he and his law firm won a highly contested case against the Missouri Highway Transportation Commission for the wrongful death of young woman who was killed when the vehicle she was riding in was caused to spin out of control due to an icy condition on the road.

Whether the accident was caused by poor maintenance or poor design, an experienced lawyer will assist you recover damages for medical bills and pain and suffering. If you have sustained damages from a dangerous road, please contact defective highway lawyer Mike Sudekum for a free consultation of your rights by using the contact us page of this website. You are also welcome to call the toll free number to speak with Mr. Sudekum personally.