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Differences Between a Car Accident and Truck Accident

There are obvious differences between a car and a truck accident; however, some of the important distinctions in the investigation of the cause of the accident, include:

Braking Distance

Big heavy trucks with air brakes take longer to stop. For example, a loaded truck on good pavements uses 300 feet to stop from 55 mph.

Load Safety

While a trucking company may not be responsible for the load not being properly secured, the shipper or loading dock may be responsible. These types of cases include failing to seal a load, improper loading or false claims as to the load. It is essential to identify the load early if it is a potential cause of a trucking accident. An experienced truck accident lawyer can assist you with this investigation.

Insurance Requirements

While Missouri drivers are required to have minimum insurance limits of $25,000/$50,000 per accident, a trucking company operating vehicles in excess of 10,000 lbs is required to insure its vehicle with a minimum coverage of $750,000.00. For companies that haul hazardous materials, the minimum insurance required starts at One Million Dollars.

Discovery of Documents In Truck Accident Investigations

While in many car accidents, the police report and medical records are important pieces of the investigation, in truck accident cases, lawyers will also obtain a number of documents from the trucking company, depending on the case, including:

  • Driver’s Log at the time of the Accident and for several months before the accident
  • Maintenance & Inspection Records
  • Driver’s Employment File
  • Repair Records
  • Weight Bills
  • Fuel and Expense Receipts
  • Dispatch Records

If you have questions about a truck accident, please contact truck accident lawyer Mike Sudekum for more information on your legal rights.