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Dump Truck or Construction Truck Accidents

Like other Truck Accidents, these accidents may involve several companies at fault for failing to follow procedures. Dump trucks often travel from construction sites to the junk yard. These vehicles are on heavily traveled roads and contain heavy loads. After the load is dumped, the trucks may be in hurry to return to the job site to pick up another load.

The investigation of these cases may involve determining the nature of the compensation for the driver or his company. If the driver is paid per load, he may be more inclined to speed to fit more jobs in per day. If the company is larger, this risk may be more or less likely depending on the corporate culture. Other causes may be overloading the dump truck that affects the control of the vehicle.

Therefore, the early investigation into these facts can impact the success of the case.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident with a dump truck, please contact truck accident attorney Mike Sudekum for a free review of your rights.