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Fatal Truck Accidents

In Missouri and Illinois, like most states, a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a individual is made by pursuing a statutory wrongful death claim. Unfortunately, the weight of tractor-trailer combinations causes devastating injuries and death in collisions. If speed is an added factor, then the damage to the other vehicle can be tremendous.

Pursuing fatal truck accidents is a tough business. Families are dealing with the loss of loved one, yet there are time considerations that may become important in the pursuit of the case. while no one likes to think about money at the time of a personal loss, the reality is that the legal system imposes time deadlines and evidence is at its best near the time of the accident.

The timely pursuit of these cases is more necessary in the situation where a family is impacted by the loss of the main financial earner. Unnecessary delay of the investigation of these accidents can add to the financial hardships on families.

In many if not all cases of this nature, experts will be retained to itemize the financial loss to the family. Trucking companies will hire their own experts to minimize the financial loss to families.

While vehicle safety has improved the survivability of collisions, fatal truck accidents are a reality on busy highways.

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