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Herniated Discs

When the disk that falls in between the vertebrae is damaged, the disk may herniate or slip. There are varying degrees of herniation, including bulges and herniations. While most herniations occur in the lumbar spine, it can occur at any level of the spine.

People who have a herniated disc will often complain of numbness or tingling in the extremities. This results from the disk placing pressure on the nerve root. These changes in the spine are diagnosed by MRI or CT Scans. For individuals facing surgery, doctors sometimes order myleograms.

The causes include injuries to the spine from falls, car accidents or degenerative changes (often referred to as wear and tear).

While most people have degenerative changes in their spine as a result of age and life experience, Missouri and Illinois law allows a person to recover for conditions that were made worse from an accident. Therefore, the mere presence of degenerative changes in your spine does not foreclosure recovery for aggravated injuries.