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Mirena IUD Side Effects

Mike Sudekum and his law firm, Mandel & Mandel, LLP, are now investigating claims by women who have suffered injuries while implanted with the Mirena IUD (intrauterine device).

Some of the injuries that may be associated when the Mirena IUD is implanted include:

  • Surgery to remove the device;
  • Complications from the device perforating or imbedding in the uterine wall;
  • Complications from the device including birth defects, infections and other dangerous side effects.
What is Mirena IUD?

Mirena is a small plastic contraceptive device manufactured by Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Unlike Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella, Mirena IUD is implanted into the uterus by a trained health care provider, usually in an office setting. The IUD is intended to serve as a contraceptive device for up to five years. It works by releasing a dose of a synthetic progestin known as levonorgestrel directly into the uterus that prevents pregnancy.

Mirena was approved in 2000 by the FDA as a contraceptive and in 2009 to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. It was the first such IUD to be approved for this purpose.

A warning letter was sent to Bayer on January 14, 2010 concerning its sales program that emphasized the device in home parties. Part of the warning included a statement that the script at these parties

“overstates the efficacy of Mirena, presents unsubstantiated claims, minimizes the risks of using Mirena and includes false or misleading presentations regarding Mirena.”

Some Women Have Experienced Side Effects

While every medical device has the risk of certain side effects, there are reports that women with the Mirena IUD implanted are experiencing dangerous or life-threatening side effects that include:

  • perforation of uterus
  • embedding in the uterus
  • migration outside the uterus
  • adhesions,
  • scarring, and
  • other serious medical complications.

If you have experienced one of these side effects or another condition and had a Mirena IUD implanted at the time of the condition, you may have a claim for damages against the manufacturer of this device.

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