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Pedestrian Accidents

Crosswalks are painted on intersections to delineate the section of the roadway for people to cross the intersection. Walk signals are timed to occur with green yield signals to allow walker the opportunity to cross dangerous intersections. As drivers become increasingly busy - talking on cell phones, texting, rushing to beat yellow lights - the protective zone of crosswalks and walk signals has been invaded.

Occasionally, municipalities change the light sequence following an accident, so if you have been injured while crossing a street, the documentation of the accident scene is tremendously important.

In other cases, pedestrians are injured crossing the street outside of crosswalks. Despite the position of some insurance companies, this type of injury may also be the fault of the driver. On many occasions, people drive the same stretch of roadway everyday. Therefore, they are aware that people cross a certain section of road outside of the crosswalks. Despite this knowledge, drivers are sometimes careless and cause injuries.

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