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Potential Causes of Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks, including semi-trucks, panel trucks, and delivery trucks, are heavier, longer and generally occupy more space on the roads than regular passenger vehicles and SUVs. Therefore, these trucks require additional time and distance to turn, stop or operate on the highways.

Some of the causes of truck accidents include:

Following too Closely - If a truck does not have sufficient time and distance to stop for a vehicle traveling in front of it, the results will be catastrophic.

Improper Lane Changes to Avoid Traffic Back Up s - Similarly, a truck driver that notices traffic too late will sometimes change lanes into other vehicles in an attempt to avoid the rear-end collision. These side-swipe accidents also produce dangerous impacts.

Excessive Speed - The requirements of trucking companies and deadlines for delivery often force truck drivers to exceed the post speed limit. While speeding by all drivers is dangerous, excessive speed in a 80,000 pound vehicle that requires greater distance to stop and operate on the roads is incredibly dangerous.

Defective Equipment - Before entering the road, truck drivers are required by law to complete a check of their vehicle referred to as pre-trip inspection. Unfortunately, fatigued drivers or inexperienced drivers may miss equipment that could fly off the truck or trailer resulting in injuries to other vehicles.

Size of the Vehicles - The size of these vehicles affect the braking distance and the ability to avoid collisions. At highway speed, the weight of the truck and trailer combined can take over a football field to stop. If fatigue or other distractions impact reaction time, then the braking distance would increase.

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