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Premises Liability

While many landowners maintain their property in a safe manner, there are exceptions to the rule. A landowner has a duty to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition. When you sustain injuries as a result of a condition on a premise, your damages may be the responsibility of the landowner or other maintenance company. In many cases, the landowner or its insurance company will blame an individual for failing to avoid an obvious condition; however, there are legal reasons why that defense is not valid. An experienced premises liability attorney will be able to assist you in overcoming this defense.

As examples, premises liability attorney Michael Sudekum has represented victims of injuries that occur on the premises of other entities or individuals. Examples of these conditions include collapsed decks, defective parking lots and dangerous stairs. Landowners are responsible for the condition of their property that they know or should know is dangerous.

In many situations, an injured person is seeking payment of medical bills. Before accepting a small sum for payment of your medical bills, you should speak to an experience premises liability attorney who will be able to tell you whether you should be entitled to additional compensation.

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