Car accident
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Pursuing a Car Accident Claim

While there are many steps that take place outside of a simple explanation offered here, some of the more basic steps that car accident Attorney Mike Sudekum will pursue include the following: obtain copies of the accident reports, photographs of the vehicles involved and the scene, interview relevant witnesses and collect the necessary medical records and bills to submit your case and get the best recovery for your claim.

After we receive this information, we submit a demand package to the insurance company and attempt to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.  If you have outstanding medical bills, we can negotiate these charges to maximize your recovery.

In some cases, health care providers or insurance companies may have a right to receive money back from the settlement for the payment of medical bills.  We may be required to pay this money out of the settlement, but you will always have a full understanding of your recovery before the case is settled.

If you need assistance pursuing a car accident case or have questions, please contact car accident attorney Mike Sudekum for a free case review.