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Repetitive Injuries, e.g. Carpal tunnel

While many injuries at work are from acute or sudden injuries, some conditions develop over time and are referred to as repetitive or occupational injury claims.

A common example of these repetitive injury claims is a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS. This condition is caused by pressure on the median nerve in your arm that cause pain and numbness in the fingers and hand. Patients will typically have trouble sleeping and complain of weakness in the hands that results in dropping items. When you are employed in a work setting that involves continuous repetitive tasks, like filing, typing, pulling or tugging, and develop these symptoms, you will need to make a detailed report of the activities that cause the pain when you report your injury.

Other similar conditions include tarsel tunnel syndrome, dequarvians syndrome, and epicondylitis (tennis elbow).

Repetitive injuries are not limited to the wrist or elbows. Workers who perform overhead lifting or work, such as sheet metal workers, may be exposed to occupational conditions that warrant filing a workers compensation claim. The stress of the overheard work may cause problems in the shoulders or neck. Common injuries include rotator cuff tears or cervical disk bulges or herniations.

While many of these injuries may be treated with conservative care such as physical therapy; in some cases, injections and surgery are the only methods that return the injured worker to maximum medical improvement.

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