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Spa and Beauty Salon Injuries

Beauty salons and hair dressers are a common service sought by a large number of people.  These stores use a number of toxic chemicals that require knowledge and understanding to prevent injuries to their customers.  The failure to use reasonable care in applying or otherwise using these chemicals may result in serious side effects and damage to customers.  Some of the more common use of chemicals includes facial peels, hair dyes, cosmetics, glues used for extensions, pedicures, manicures and other chemicals used in a spa or beauty salon. 

Some of the injuries that occur at these stores include:
Infections, burned scalp from hair dyes or other chemicals, disfigurement, baldness from hair braiding or extensions, and other injuries.

A specific injury that has started to rise in frequency is damages from the improper administration of Botox and similar medications.  This medicine when administered improperly may result in catastrophic injuries, including paralysis, to users.  Some typical allegations with hair dyes include the failure to perform a patch test or inquire about allergic reactions.

If you suffered injuries following a treatment at a spa or beauty salon, contact beauty salon attorney Mike Sudekum for a free consultation of your legal rights.