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The Regulation of the Trucking Industry

The simple truth is that the trucking industry makes money by moving material. The speed and efficiency that is accomplished by the company makes the difference between a profit and a loss. To keep trucking companies from pushing the limits of safety for a profit, there are Federal Regulations that govern the conduct of these companies in several areas:

Driver Conduct

Most large trucking companies have driver training programs. These programs should teach drivers how to react to traffic and road conditions. In some cases, drivers fail to follow these programs and trucking companies may be liable for the actions of its drivers.

In addition, the FMCA requires a driver to perform several inspections related to the truck before entering the roadway. These pre-trip inspections require the inspection to be documented. The types of inspections include checking brakes, tires, lights, load and other similar components.

Trucking Company Conduct

Driver qualifications are at a minimum established by the federal regulations and include: a commercial driver’s license, ability to safely operate vehicle, determine cargo is located and secured, background investigation, driver’s test and application for employment. The background of a driver becomes an important part of the investigation in trucking accident cases. Some of the immediate questions are whether the company performed a reasonable investigation into the driver’s background, including criminal history. Was the driver fit to operate the vehicle?

Trucking Companies are also subject to a number of Safety Regulations. The failure to follow these results in tractor trailers and drivers who are unfit for the road.

One of the consequences is fatigue is a major cause of trucking accidents. The federal regulations require the company to monitor the driver’s hours, minimum rest time and other time requirements. The failure to follow these regulations is dangerous to others on the road.

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