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Toxic Exposure

During the past several years, America has undergone a period of deregulation of business. While many advocacy groups have pushed for greater federal and state regulation of polluters and job site safety, the simple truth is that America and its workers have been increasingly exposed to toxic substances in the environment.

From asbestos to benzene, the American worker has suffered devastating and deadly disease from corporate greed. More recent cases demonstrate that companies may have poisoned the ground with inadequate safety procedures and chemical disposal.

Toxic Exposure attorney Mike Sudekum has represented workers exposed to asbestos and families exposed to deadly carbon monoxide from a faulty heater. The proof behind these cases often requires untold numbers of hours and expenses to determine the cause of the injury. Recovering just compensation in these types of claims requires numerous experts and often years of discovery to locate the documents that demonstrate corporations knew or should have known of the dangers presented by the unsafe exposures to its toxins.

If you or a loved one has experienced injury or death from the exposure to toxic chemicals, I invite you to contact me to see if we can help.