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Truck Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 4,311 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal truck accidents in 2015. The Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts study also found that the number of fatal crashes increased from 2009.

Thankfully not all crashes with single-unit trucks and tractor trailers involve fatal injuries. Still, the potential for life altering catastrophic injuries and other substantial injuries make representing clients in these cases particularly important. In one year, the United States Department of Transportation reported approximately 73,000 injury accidents with large trucks and buses.

These are staggering statistics. Holding these companies responsible for truck accidents requires the experience of a trucking accident attorney.

What Kind of Rules do Trucking Companies Need to Follow?

Every state has certain laws that every driver is required to follow. These are the laws that are part of your basic driving test. Because tractor trailers, trucks and buses are significantly heavier and more dangerous than regular vehicles, the federal government has promulgated important safety rules that these companies and drivers must follow while operating on our roads and highways. These rules are contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs).

The FMCSRs are numerous and contain regulations on many topics including:

  • Increased testing for the ability to operate trucks;
  • Mandatory daily and regular inspection of the truck and attachments;
  • Work and Driving time restrictions;
  • Equipment limitations;
  • Length of Route limitations;
  • Minimum insurance requirements.

The importance of these regulations is supported by the requirement that trucking companies document their compliance with the regulations. When we purpose of truck accident case, these documents provide an insight into the behavior of the trucking company.

What is Involved in my Truck Accident Claim?

A personal injury claim against a trucking company is a complex lawsuit that requires the assistance of an experience trucking accident attorney.

Tremendous amounts of discovery are necessary in these cases. Federal and state regulations, shell corporations, owner-operators, accident reconstructions, distance calculations… the list of considerations in investigating trucking accidents requires an attention to detail to obtain a just recovery for victims of truck accidents. Like operators of regular motor vehicles, the drivers of tractor trailers, tandems and other large trucks are required to operate with the highest degree of care. Additionally, the employers of these drivers are required to make reasonable investigations into the background and driving records of these operators. In some cases, the employers have also trained the drivers and must use the same standard of care when they place these drivers on our roads.

Truck Accident lawyer Michael Sudekum has represented victims of a highway truck accidents and obtained justice on their behalf. The weight and speed of these large vehicles results in devastating collisions that, unfortunately, result in serious injuries or deaths. In most cases, the economic consequences of truck accidents require the assistance of a skilled advocate.

In you or your family or friends has sustained serious injuries or death as a result of negligent truck operator, contact attorney Michael Sudekum for a free consultation of your legal rights.