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Understanding the Value of Medical Bills in Car Accident Cases

In Missouri, the compensation that you receive in a car or truck accident caused by another driver is determined in part by the amount of the medical bills charged by your providers.  As a result of a recent case handed down by the Missouri Supreme Court, juries may be informed of at least two numbers regarding the medical bills. 

For example, if your medical bills were paid by your health insurance, the insurance company may get to inform the jury that this amount of the medical bills has been paid.  In some cases, the amount of bills paid does not affect the recovery due to the nature of the injuries. However, in cases, where the injuries are thankfully not as severe the amount of medical bills can have an important consideration to the amount of the recovery.

Issues such as the value of the medical bills in personal injury cases are extremely important in determining your compensation for a car accident.  An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to obtain evidence that establishes the amount of medical bills charged by the health care providers is the proper amount for the jury to consider.  Under the law, this evidence must be obtained outside the request for records.

When an insurance company tells you that it will only consider the amount paid, contact a car accident Mike Sudekum attorney for more information.