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Workers Comp Severe Injuries (PTD Disability)

While many on the job injuries are fortunately not severe and career altering, there are  catastrophic events, such as construction accidents, that result in severe injuries.  These are work related injuries that prevent an individual from returning to his profession. 

While Missouri provides some protection for these injuries, especially if a worker is unable to go back to work at all.  In the absence of a finding of permanent and total disability, the injured worker faces a tough road.

Illinois, on the other hand, and in addition to the option of permanent and total disability compensation, has a wage differential statute.  This statute provides benefits to the injured worker for the difference in the amount of salary the worker was making before his accident and the amount making after the injury.  Wage differential claims are important benefits under Illinois law.

These types of injuries have a tremendous impacton the employee and his family.  Due to the financial exposure of the employer, these claims need to be handled with care.

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