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Workers' Compensation

Despite the efforts of many safety organizations, the number of workers injured on the job continues to plague our workforce.

Workers Compensation attorney Michael Sudekum understands that no one chooses to be injured and unable to work. It is important to him that his clients obtain the information and benefits necessary to return to work and receive compensation for their injuries. In both Missouri and Illinois, injured workers are entitled to the three benefits under the law:

  1. TTD or temporary total disability is the payment that you should receive to replace your lost wages. The amount of TTD that you receive is dependent upon the amount of money that you earn. If you have questions whether you are receiving the correct amount of TTD, please contact workers compensation attorney Michael Sudekum.
  2. Medical Benefits: If you are injured as a result of your employment, your employer is responsible for providing you medical treatment. In order to ensure that there are no delays in your treatment, you must provide notice of the injury to your employer as soon as possible. In Missouri, the employer picks the medical provider. In Illinois, the employee may pick the medical provider.
  3. PPD or PTD: Permanent partial disability is the amount of money that is used to compensate you for your injuries. In the case of permanent injuries that affect your ability to work, permanent total disability benefits may be awarded. The range of compensation is dependent on a number of factors that include your medical treatment, restrictions and medical documentation. If you have questions about the amount of compensation due, contact workers compensation attorney Michael Sudekum for a free case review and discussion of your rights.

Other issues that arise under Workers Compensation cases include Second Injury Fund benefits, wage differentials and penalties. Please contact us for more information on your legal rights.