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Your Workers Comp Doctor

While in Missouri Workers Comp, the employer picks the doctor, under Illinois Workers Compensation laws, the employee may select the treating physician. Experienced workers compensation lawyers may be helpful in selecting the doctors that welcome the opportunity to treat injured workers as compared to ones that do not like being involved in these types of cases. When a doctor who is not experienced in the workers compensation arena is selected, there are often delays in ttd payments because off work slips are not timely forwarded to the insurance company and referrals to tests and other specialists are delayed.Even in Missouri, the treating physician is an important part of the process. These doctors control:

  • Medical treatments and ordering of tests;
  • Referrals to other doctors or specialists;
  • Return to work issues including light duty;
  • Any permanent restrictions; and
  • Impairment ratings.

Most doctors resist outside pressure to control their treatment of your injuries, but you should let your workers comp attorney know if a physician tells you that the insurance company is pushing light duty or watching over her decisions through nurse case managers.